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Hillingdon Green Party letter to Environment Agency Chief Executive

HS2 Colne Valley

Yesterday 7th July 21 Hillingdon Green party wrote to Sir James Bevan the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency (EA) stating our dismay that the Colne Valley Viaduct (CVV) is being built through the Drinking Water Safeguarded Areas of the Colne Valley in Hillingdon.

The works are not compliant with the UK legal protection of drinking water sources the Water Framework Directive.

We ask if a Schedule 33 application for the CVV has been presented to the EA, if there is can it now be rescinded as with the release of HS2 water risk assesments on 21 May 21 it is now public knowledge that water supplies will be detrimentally impacted.
If there is no Schedule 33 application or consent then to request an immediate public enquiry into HS2 detrimental impacts on the drinking water safeguarded areas of the mid Colne Valley aquifer.

Please see the letter here.

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