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Halt Hs2 Parliamentary Debate – Monday 13th September 2021

HS2 will cost nature too much

The Commons Debate on HS2 is being held on Monday 13 September starting at 6 pm.
A Minister has to reply.

The wording of the Petition which received 155,000 signatures is:

“We ask Parliament to repeal the High-Speed Rail Bills, 2016 and 2019, as MPs voted on misleading environmental, financial and timetable information provided by the Dept of Transport and HS2 Ltd. It fails to address the conditions of the Paris Accord and costs have risen from £56bn to over £100bn.”

Commons Business page here

Here is the basic link to Monday’s Agenda for the Westminster Hall debate

See here for details of how HS2 was proceeded with to protect the UK construction industry.

HS2 betrays us all


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