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Ickenham and South Harefield deserve better

A message from the Green Party candidate in Ickenham and South Harefield.

Dear Resident,

I am delighted to be chosen as a Green Party election candidate for Ickenham South Harefield at the Hillingdon council local election on Thursday.

I believe that peoples voices need to be heard and the public encouraged to take part in decisions.

As a councillor I will do more to protect our water resources. Local Plan Part 2 Development Management Environmental Impact policy (11) - Protection of Groundwater Resources needs to be implemented.

The newly formed geographical ward of Ickenham and South Harefield includes 3 important public water sources licenced to produce our tap water. These water sources are being threatened and damaged on a daily basis yet nothing is more important than our drinking water.

The ward included Denham Country Park where overhead powerline work has been completed. The contractors should now leave and let nature recover. I am worried that HS2 might try to hold on to this land.

We need to stop development on green spaces. Green representatives would make the planning process more transparent and inclusive of local views.

Nobody should be above the law. HS2 needs to be held to account, monitored and regulated!

Vote Green for a caring society, to protect our water, the countryside, wildlife and keep our footpaths open! A healthy environment supports healthy people.

yours faithfully,

Sarah Green