14 April 2015

Greens in Hayes and Harlington seem to have acquired a direct line to the national press.

Some local members had a discussion about the questions people often ask on the doorstep. This  exchange was quoted:

Q “I don’t hear much about the Green Party, what do you stand for”

A “We want a healthy world where people can live a meaningful life. We all need clean air, healthy food, a healthy local economy, education that brings out the best in everybody – we don’t want to waste our lives sitting in traffic jams, destroying the planet and hating each other. ”

Alick Munro included this quote in an email to Hayes & Harlington members, encouraging them to come out canvassing with him. Next thing was 3 national newspapers (The Telepgraph, The Guardian and The Times)doing in-depth analysis about the threat of Greens on your doorstep.  Curiously, in their version of the quote, the word “healthy” had lost its final letter “y”, making it look like a call for muesli for all. How controversial.

We can take a joke. We hope most people will be able to distinguish between genuine news and a leg pull. Alick has now issued further advice. “If you don’t like the advice to dress conservatively, you could try wearing wellingtons and buoyancy aids on the campaign trail to remind voters of the flooding risk.” What would a journalist make of that?