Hillingdon Green Party Candidates and supporters had a great day out campaigning in Ruislip today.

19 April 2015

Graham said “We had some fruitful conversations with voters in the High Street and around Ruislip. Lots of people expressed interest and took our literature home. I was so pleased that several people came up to us expressing approval of Natalie Bennett’s answers in the Opposition TV debate. In previous years, we often got people saying “what’s the Green Party all about?” but now there is much wider recognition of what we stand for.”

Karen enjoyed meeting more of her constituents from the Ruislip area, as she has already spoken with lots of people in Pinner. She said “It was great. Topics ranged from health and social care to badgers. I’ve also been encouraging people to register to vote. Several people I talked to have not had poll cards and were not sure if they were on the register. The deadline is midnight tomorrow (Monday 20th April).”   

 Jess said “Awesome pumpkin cake and other artisan snacks at the Duck Pond Market!”

Karen and Graham

Jess and Graham