Green Party Candidate received NHS Petition from 38 Degrees Members

26 April 2015

871 “38 Degrees” members in Uxbridge and South Ruislip Constituency have called on their General Election candidates to Save the NHS.

Green Party candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Graham Lee (right in picture) was one of four candidates who jointly received the petition at a ceremony at Uxbridge Civic Centre on Saturday 25th April. He has pledged that if elected as their MP, he will do everything he can to protect the NHS, including:

  • Stopping privatisation
  • Making sure it has the funding it needs to provide high quality healthcare to everyone
  • Protecting it from US health corporations by keeping the NHS out of TTIP.

Hillingdon Green Party and 38 Degrees members

Graham Lee said “All these items are already Green Party policies, so I had no hesitation in signing up to this. In addition the Green Party would place much greater emphasis on mental health. According to NHS England, mental illness accounts for 28% of illness, but it only accounts for 13% of NHS spending. When people are suffering, timely help is vital, or society as a whole suffers damage.”


Lib Dem Mike Cox, Gary Harbord of TUSC  and Independent Jenny Thompson also turned out to receive the petition.

The Petition