Scary air quality readings found in Hillingdon

29 January 2017

Scary air quality readings found in Hillingdon


Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health with up to 5,879 deaths in London per year attributed to nitrogen dioxide exposure. Hillingdon Green Party wanted to find out what the level in the borough was so we undertook nitrogen dioxide readings measured over a four week period starting November 20th 2016.

16 out of 18 locations breached legal EU limits of 40 micrograms per cubic meter which is a level set at twice the World Health Organisation recommendations.

John Bowman Hillingdon Green Party transport and planning officer said:

"We put the diffusion tubes in a range of places we thought would be a mixture of good and bad but the results are far worse than we anticipated. It’s really scary!"

Uxbridge College entrance on Park Road recorded twice the EU level at 80 ug/m3. Bucks University on Oxford Road performed worse at 121 ug/m3.

Average hourly rates breaching EU limits over the four week period include; Cowley St Lawrence School Worcester Rd 42.42 ug/m3, Whitehall School Cowley Rd 52.32 ug/m3, St Andrews School Hillingdon Rd 75.45 ug/m3, Tesco Uxbridge High Street 96.55 ug/m3 and Hillingdon Hospital 94.84 ug/m3.

Green spaces such as the bowling green in Cowley Rec and the Grand Union Canal in Cowley also breached EU limits at 46 ug/m3 and 47ug/m3 respectively.

The only areas meeting EU air quality limits are Little Britain lake and with the best figures, Denham Country Park which is threatened with destruction by HS2 ‘enabling’ contractors in April 2017.

A full list of readings can be found at Mapping for Change website.

The Green Party are the party most actively promoting the sustainable transport alternatives required to combat these serious concerns. No other party comes close. So vote Green for a cleaner greener choice.