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UK Government not planning for climate change

Net Zero - How the Govt can meet its climate change target

The institute for Government an independant think tank has warned in a report released this week that with over a year since the UK adopted the target to reach net zero by 2050 the UK has no yet confronted the scale of the task.

The report says that a lack of co-ordinated policies, constant change of direction, a failure to gain public consent for measures and and too little engineering expertise and delivery capability has left the UK well off track to meet its target.

The absence of a comprehensive plan for achieving net zero has deterred private sector investment and left people unsure of how to act.

It asks the government to publish a clear plan setting out, sector by sector, how emissions reductions will be achieved and when decisions will be made where technology is uncertain.

It asks that the Treasury makes net zero a big theme of the spending review and produces a tax strategy to support net zero and to build on parliament’s climate assembly initiative to maintain public support for action.

Read what they recommend here