Say No to HS2

The Greens support rail travel in principle because it should improve Britain’s transport system, reduce road and air traffic and help cut carbon emissions.

HS2, however, does too much damage to local communities and to the environment and it is too pricey. To achieve high speeds the trains are expected to use up to 50% more fuel than Eurostar so carbon emissions will not be reduced.

The enormous sums involved (estimated 100 billion and rising) could be better spent improving transport for everybody, not just the wealthy business people who will be able to afford to use HS2.

HS2 is not a green solution. That money needs to be spent instead on increasing rail capacity by adding more track to existing routes and by upgrading freight-only routes for passenger use too.

At the same time, we need wider-ranging policies designed to reduce the need for long-distance travel, while integrating local public transport systems (for example, as has actually happened to good effect in London over the last 15 years) and continuing to make streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

HS2 News

Camden Council stands up to HS2

By Andy Blakie | 27 November 2020

‘HS2 is Frankenstein’s monster’: Councillors slam ‘unacceptable’ disruption to Camden residents […]

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HS2 Colne Valley

HS2 threatens the future of our water supplies

By Andy Blakie | 8 November 2020

Blackford Water Pumping Station, in Harefield is only 25 meters from the HS2 Colne Valley Viaduct. […]

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Jones Hill Wood

Rare Barbastelle bat reported in Buckinghamshire wood threated by HS2

By Andy Blakie | 24 October 2020

A team of ecologists have released a report giving evidence of a rare Barbastelle bat roost at Jones Hill Wood Buckinghamshire. This wood was the wood that inspired Roald Dahl to write The Fantastic Mr Fox. The report can be seen here. It was one of several bat species seen in the wood but is […]

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cubbington pear tree felled by hs2

2015 Tree of the year felled by HS2

By Andy Blakie | 21 October 2020

This beautiful 250+ year old still fruiting Cubbington Pear Tree much loved by the local community was felled by HS2 on 20th October.
It had been voted England Tree of the year in 2015. […]

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Flooding in West Drayton

Local effects of the Climate Emergency

By christinewest | 15 August 2020

Climate change storms cause flash floods in West Drayton on Thursday 13th August […]

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HS2 Contaminating the Chiltern Aquifer

By Andy Blakie | 9 June 2020

The River Chess Association very issued this appeal to their supporters on their Facebook page: […]

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HS2’s costs and potential delays are running out of control, warn MPs

By Andy Blakie | 24 May 2020

Public Accounts Committee state H2S misled parliament […]

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European Challenge

By Andy Blakie | 24 November 2019

The claim is that HS2 Enabling Works in the Mid Colne Valley breach the Water Framework Directive. Hundreds of piles will be driven into the chalk aquifer for the Colne Valley viaduct in an area where our drinking water is drawn from. Also in the vicinity are landfill sites and areas of the aquifer which […]

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